Boys’ Town Junior College has a system that focuses on quality education and allows children to groom in college environments that are supportive and at the same time challenging, which nurture them to become confident, have good self-esteem and willing to strive forward and become responsible citizens.

The Top 10 Advantages of making a solid foundation for your career with Boys’ Town Junior College:

  1. Strict discipline
  2. Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  3. Regular tutorials and test as per board pattern and entrance exam
  4. A favorable environment for excellence of students
  5. Integrated programme is executed in classes wherein along with board syllabus entrance exams preparation is also emphasized
  6. Motivational classes by professionals
  7. Regular doubt clearance sessions
  8. Regular teacher-parent meetings
  9. Special coaching with AV aids (We believe use of technology makes the visualization of concepts easy!)
  10. Regular classroom teaching, practicals, continuous challenging worksheets, assignments & Seminars.