We believe that our college is such a place where children with different abilities develop, learn and grow together. Our college is equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure to help your child stay grow in every aspect of their professional life ahead.

Science Lab:
Practical work follows the basic principle of Learning by doing. Students get an opportunity to actively participate in the learning process. To give a practical approach to the concepts taught in the classroom, at Boys’ Town we have a well-equipped Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratory.

Computer Lab:
Computers are synonymous with development. The computer lab of Boys’ Town helps our students to stay ahead with hi-tech changes in the IT world.

Well Trained Faculty:
Teachers at Boys’ Town enrich a young generation of students so that the future is a safe, secure and great place to live in the society.

We believe college isn’t really college without examinations. Boys’ Town Junior College conducts regular tutorials, unit tests, half yearly and annual examinations very systematically wherein students can prove their ability.

Co-curricular Activities:
Co-curricular activities prepare students practically for the future. These activities conducted at Boys’ Town fulfill a student’s right to a broader education.

Play Ground:
Academic learning and sports education are the complements of each other. They resemble the two sides of the same coin. The college encourages the students to participate in various tournaments. We appreciate the interest of students in such activities which bring forward the talents of students in public. We have a lush green playground.

Quality is the key feature of the vision of Boys’ Town Junior College and for it the management strives to achieve a level of excellence that will help students to face the ever evolving world!