Children learn by doing, using their senses, exploring their environment of people, things, places and events. They learn from first-hand, concrete experiences in various forms such as storytelling, listening to another person, reading books and looking at pictures, watching DVDs, listening to the radio, playing games, through presentations, demonstrations, project work etc.

Active engagement with things and ideas that promote a child’s growth, is the key to successful upbringing. Our teachers encourage children to participate in programmes which provide them with oratory skills, physical development & leadership qualities.

1. Mental Development


Our teaching style is focused on Cognitive Development. This primarily takes care of ways in which infants and children acquire, develop, and use internal mental capabilities such as problem solving, memory and language. We understand that every child is special, with unique combinations of abilities and potential. And all children deserve the opportunity to learn in ways that make the most of their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. There are various activities in the classroom that help children develop their intellectual skills.

Our teachers use diverse approaches & develop teaching practices that comprise of different ways of learning. This involves integration of new learning technologies along with audio-visual media where children learn more easily and have joyful learning experiences in the classrooms.

Creating a mixture of different learning opportunities, helps children encounter new information, develop skills, try out ideas and acquire knowledge.

Our teachers, not only guide children in understanding the concepts, but also help them to apply what they’ve learnt during the activity periods.


2. Physical Development

physical-developmentFrom Football practice to musical rehearsals, the benefits of extracurricular activities are far-reaching. Sports provide a fun, physical challenge for children, away from the sedentary temptations of video games, the Internet and television. The two different philosophies towards sports are – preparing your child in a competitive environment, and focus on physical development necessary for a healthy future.

Boys’ Town has a vast area of play grounds for compulsory organized games such as cricket, football, hockey, basketball, baseball etc. They are played under the regular supervision of qualified coaches, specially appointed for this purpose.

Our football, cricket, hockey and handball teams have been successfully playing at taluka, district and zonal levels and have several times played matches at state level too. We are proud that some of our players have been selected at national level matches for cricket, football, hockey and handball. Importance is given to Athletics, Karate, Gymnastics and pyramids. Boys’ Town has had a glorious past in sports and we are living up to that reputation.

3. Social & Cultural Development

In addition to academics and sports, importance is also given to Cultural activities. Our students participate and win prizes in all cultural activities organized by various social clubs and government institutions.

Children learn music for joy and pleasure. We have many children who are experts in playing different musical instruments.

Every year Boys’ Town celebrates Human Rights Day, Social Education Day, Green Day, Water Conservation Day (Blue Day), Birth and Death Anniversary Days of the Founder and Celebrities of our country, Republic Day, Independence Day etc.

4. Emotional Development

emotional-developmentVocational Career guidance, counseling, clinical and personal guidance is available for the students at all levels by the senior staff members and the principal. Our teachers help the children to explore their talent.

To learn how to think, children need to be encouraged to agree upon goals, weigh alternatives, and make decisions. All of these processes depend on group-spirit, communication, and cooperation. And that is what we nurture through various activities for emotional development.

5. Moral & Spiritual Development


The school inculcates a thorough cosmopolitan outlook of a healthy nature, the ideas of great saints, prophets and world figures are impressed upon the students. The object is to imbibe moral values and a respect for higher principles and truthful living.

The daily assembly forms an integral part of value education at Boys’ Town. The school has a unique assembly during which our students recite prayers, read scriptures and are trained for public speaking.

Impromptu speeches by the students are an essential part of the assembly programmes.